Sushi Fridays EP003: Galanacci The Creator

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Featured Guest: Galanacci The Creator
Occupation: Artist, Designer, Creator
Location: London, UK
Fave Sushi Roll: Shrimp Tempura

As someone whose family came to Canada from the Philippines, I’m especially interested in the journey of other Filipino immigrant families like mine.

I met Galanacci The Creatora fellow creative and child of Filipino immigrant parents, several months ago online. When I started Sushi Fridays The Podcast, Galanacci was one of the first people I thought of to interview on my podcast because of our heritage and similar creative overlaps.

I'm happy to say that his episode on Sushi Fridays is now live!

Galanacci The Creator Fashion Designer

Photo above: Galanacci is designing a look every day for 365 days (Courtesy: Galanacci)

Video above: What is it like to run a brand? (Courtesy: Galanacci) 

Photo above: "Greatness" T-Shirt (Courtesy: Galanacci) 

An excerpt from Sushi Fridays EP003:

During my time in architecture school, I was doing fashion already. Me and my classmates, we started a brand. It was an architecture fashion brand. So it was clothing that was inspired by architecture. And we actually made this jumper from scratch.

So I sewed it and made the patterns and everything. So instead of actually doing architectural work, I'll be doing things on the side, which kind of like pulled me away from what I should be doing during uni.

But it was those hobbies then that ended up being what I'm actually passionate about and like really pushing on now, because I've always kind of think longevity. If I'm not passionate about something, and especially in a career aspect, then what's the point of pursuing a career where you're not really wholeheartedly passionate? Because then you're just going to be there and you're going to be miserable every single day.

- Galanacci The Creator

It was so much fun to talk to Galanacci about his journey from Manila to the UK, and from art, to architecture, to passion projects, to growing his fashion brand, Galanacci.

I enjoyed every minute of creating this episode.

I hope you enjoy it too!

Listen to Sushi Fridays EP003: Galanacci The Creator on Spotify below.

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Connect with Galanacci The Creator:
@by.galanacci + @galanacci

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