Sushi Fridays EP017: Raif Adelberg, Designer, Artist, Creative Director, Retail Store Owner

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Featured Guest: Raif Adelberg
Occupation: Designer / Artist /  Creative / Art Director / Stylist / Retail Store Owner
Location: British Columbia, Canada


I first heard of Raif Adelberg from LA-based fashion designer, Christopher Holland Brandt, our Sushi Fridays EP010 guest. Christopher told me he met Raif previously and got some really great advice from him that impacted his fashion career.

I naturally had to find out who Raif was, and a quick Google search led me to a treasure trove of information. I found out that Raif is Canadian, I found out that he pioneered many things having to do with fashion and art, I found out that he founded one of my favourite Canadian brands.

And honestly, I was lowkey shocked at myself because I wish I knew who he was sooner, especially during the time I lived in Vancouver, BC.

All photos courtesy of Raif Adelberg

In EP017 of Sushi Fridays, Raif discusses his early days in fashion, and reflects on the Canadian fashion landscape and the importance of authenticity and staying true to one's vision as a designer.

He also emphasizes the importance of creating products that speak to lifestyle when building a brand, and highlights the value of collaborations and relationships.

Further, Raif speaks on his desired legacy and shares his POV on the state of current retail spaces...

Plus more.

Raif’s story is the blueprint on how to make it in the fashion industry as a multidisciplinary creative and business person on your own terms, with your own vision.

From artist Kaws, to streetwear store Union LA, to present-day October's Very Own fashion brand, to many more collabs and designs we couldn't get to in our conversation, Raif has a story and a hand in a fashion or creative project, or two...or many!

The fact that Raif continues to experiment and explore during the span of his decades-long creative career as an early adopter in art, business, and fashion is something I look forward to doing in my own career, too.

Thanks for the inspo, Raif!

An excerpt from Sushi Fridays EP017:

Stay true and authentic to your vision. Just do what you want to do. Don't be influenced by all the noise. Don't be influenced by what's on social media. Keep in mind that if you're seeing things today, that they can be inspirational. But if you think you're gonna make something that is what you're seeing today, that was already being developed years ago. Bring something new to the table.

- Raif Adelberg

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