The dopest product that you never did see...?

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"You can make the dopest product, but if nobody sees it...what's the point?"

A marketer told me that a few years back, and it stayed stuck in my head ever since.

On EP010 of our community pod, Sushi Fridays, my friend Christopher Holland Brandt, an LA-based designer, shared how having his brand in stores and joining retail parties helped him make sales and grow his brand. (AKA: Visibility).
I think about ANDREA PASCUAL goods, and like my fashion designer friend Christopher, I know my product is luxury in terms of quality and price. And I gotta admit, it's a challenge getting peeps to support my luxury brand, especially if they haven't seen it in person.
So, I've been actively learning ways to grow and get visible.
Because growth = visibility = sales = business = I get to keep designing dope product for you.
And since Meta is burying my posts under the algo (organic social is VERY hard these days, unless I pay for ads)...
I learned that I can’t rely on social media as the only way to grow.

So...I decided to go on a personal trek to learn how other peeps are building their brands.

Destination 1 (Photo below): Mayana Genevière, a Toronto-based lingerie designer, hosted a live panel with other Toronto fashion designers about growing a fashion brand in Toronto, and overcoming the challenges we face.

Mayana Geneviere Andrea Pascual
Destination 2 (Photo below): I went to Ignite, a conference for marketers and business owners hosted by Canada Post. It focused on embracing Gen Z and the future.
I learned that Gen Z cares about physical connections and brand co-creation. (I thought: how can I connect and co-create with Gen Z if they don't know my brand exists?)

This month, my trek continues. I'm attending two mini conferences and a roundtable for biz owners.

I'm learning a lot, but the feeling in my heart and in my gut remains: VISIBILITY IS KEY (and organic social cannot be my one and only channel).

Where do you wanna see ANDREA PASCUAL IRL this year?

On the shelves at a boutique?
At a coffee meet and greet?
At an intimate fashion convo?

I am so proud of the quality product I make, but it’s no good to you on a screen, under an algorithm (but really, in a box) because you can't feel the silk / try on the jacket / wear the bag.

How can I meet you where you're at this year, offline? I want to be visible to you so you can feel my brand, get connected, and understand it.
I hope to see you real soon.
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