Montreal and Filipino Heritage Month

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In Montreal recently, I got to meet some inspiring Filipino creative entrepreneurs.

One of them was Filipino-Canadian renowned DJ and entrepreneur, Jojo Flores.

After eating calamansi pie and cassava cake at his Filipino restaurant, Junior, we checked out his shop and cafe, Gotsoul, next door.

Jojo invited us to come back in a few hours because they were hosting an artist.

So we walked the city for a bit and returned to Cafe Gotsoul only to meet the legendary NY graffiti writer, Al Diaz, an OG in the NY graffiti space.

He was close friends with Jean-Michel Basquiat and was one half of SAMO, Diaz and Basquiat's legendary graffiti campaign.

(I'd be remiss if I didn't say I nerded tf out on this graffiti and art talk. Convos like these are WHY I'm an artist and art lover through and through.)

After the art talk, I went back to Junior and had a drink with more calamansi in it.

I also met Prosper, owner and designer of Spare Jeans.

Prosper's team welcomed us into their showroom, and they were nice enough to let us do a 21 Questions interview session.

Prosper's work is modern, crisp, detailed, quality, and on-point!!

It's Filipino Heritage Month and I admire Filipino creatives and entrepreneurs like Jojo and Prosper who bring community and conversations at the forefront while sharing their gifts and passions like fashion, design, music, art, and food.

Montreal - I will see you again real soon!

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