Sushi Fridays EP005: Aaron Faison, Co-Founder, Worldie

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Featured Guest: Aaron Faison
Occupation: Co-Founder of Worldie
Location: Detroit, MI

Above: Aaron Faison, co-founder, Worldie (Courtesy: Aaron Faison)

I love shoes so much that I studied how to make them in fashion school. I also interned at a Canadian footwear brand, so I have a slight idea of how difficult it is to get a footwear business up and running. Very slight.

I met Aaron online, and I've been keeping up with his children's athletic footwear brand, Worldie, ever since. (The footwear design and biz process still definitely intrigues me.)

In this Sushi Fridays episode, Aaron shares with us the process of growing Worldie, from inception, to prototype, to his next big ideas for the brand. He also shares how he uses his legal background as an entrepreneur, which I think is quite interesting.

I’ve learned from Aaron that entrepreneurship looks different for everyone. One doesn't need to have a background in a certain industry to start a business in it. You just gotta be passionate about your cause, do your research, and start where you are.


Above: Shoe sketch (Courtesy: Worldie) 

An excerpt from Sushi Fridays EP005:

Shoes are pretty expensive. Parents don't necessarily want to buy, or maybe they can't even afford a specific shoe for every single activity. So a basketball shoe, lacrosse shoe, football shoes, soccer shoes...start to add up and kids are also pretty fickle. So they might love soccer today and then tomorrow say they're never gonna play it again.

And we also noticed that most parents, they end up sending their kid to just about every sport in one shoe, which is like a running shoe or some kind of casual shoe. And we noticed that there really wasn't a shoe on the market that is designed for sports, that works across all the different surfaces and sports that kids play. That's essentially what we're working on. It's a shoe that's going to work better than a running shoe on grass, on turf, hardwood courts...

- Aaron Faison

I admire how Worldie is strong in its mission, vision, and brand values.

You do not wanna miss this episode, especially if you're a shoe lover, a parent whose child loves sports, a sports enthusiast, or an entrepreneur!

Above: Pullover with colour (Courtesy: Worldie) 


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