Sushi Fridays EP010: Christopher Holland Brandt, Owner and Designer, Holland Brandt

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Featured Guest: Christopher Holland Brandt
Occupation: Owner and Designer, Holland Brandt
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Image: Christopher Holland Brandt

One of the most difficult things about being a fashion designer is staying true to your vision while being accepted by customers to buy your product, and "saleable" for retailers to carry your product in their stores.

I admire Christopher for sticking to his unique vision so much that his goods were picked up by global boutiques GR8 in Japan and Fred Segal in California. (They GET his creativity -- an absolute DREAM as a fashion creative and entrepreneur.)

But don't take my word for it.

Christopher has many fans, including musical artists Rema and Ozuna (he talks about a really cool Ozuna experience in this podcast episode).

If you’re a fashion lover, artist, fashion designer, or creative entrepreneur, this Sushi Fridays episode is for you.

Above: Hat by Holland Brandt worn by Rema

Above: Pup Purse by Holland Brandt

An excerpt from Sushi Fridays EP010:

At times, I've tried to think, "What do people want?" But I'm never good at making things that people want because then I'm sort of working backwards and it just seems to fall flat and it just doesn't ring true. But I also wouldn't really have it any other way because I am doing what I believe in and I think in time it'll be understood. So, no, I don't believe I have compromised (my artistic vision) and I'm grateful for it.

- Christopher Holland Brandt

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