Sushi Fridays EP008: Sincerely Mace, Music Producer and Creative

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Featured Guest: Sincerely Mace
Occupation: Music Producer, Creative
Location: Mansfield, UK
Last Meal on Earth: Curried mutton!

Sincerely Mace is our first musical guest on Sushi Fridays.

I met him on LinkedIn, (one of my fave ways to connect with creatives), and I was drawn to the way he documents his process through videos, stories, and BTS.

One thing I want to point out for our non-creative friends is that sharing our work, journey, and process as creatives means sharing a part of ourselves and being vulnerable. It takes courage to show up. And Mace doesn't stop sharing and creating. (That's something I admire about him and why I was drawn to connect and be friends in the first place.)

I had tons of fun learning about Mace's musical process in this episode, as well as learning about his influences, collaborations, and what he's working on next.

Mace also shares the challenges he's overcome as a creative. I appreciate how candid he is. He paints a realistic picture of what creative entrepreneurship is really like.

Video: Sincerely Mace making a soulful trap beat from scratch

An excerpt from Sushi Fridays EP008:

I think a big part of it is really like discovering a sound. Perfect example is, I'm working with an artist right now, her name is Brooke. And when I met her, she only had one song out, which gave us a lot of space to kind of figure out where she wanted to take her music, because she knew she wanted to take the next step and get really serious.

I guess it took a lot of making songs and a lot of time in the studio to figure out what her actual sound is, and not a lot of artists actually know what their sound is, and it's really difficult to find...I guess sometimes you have to find a team or just the right one or two people who can really help you find that and that's kind of what a producer does as well.

- Sincerely Mace

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