This collection is an ode to Andrea's heritage and family — the force behind her creative journey that started FROM TIME.

Humble Beginnings

Andrea was born in Toronto, Canada to Filipino immigrant parents.

Growing up, everything her family did was with love: apple-picking in the fall; road trips from Toronto to as far as Florida and Texas; weekend barbecues in the park with her big Filipino family — lolas and titas included.

Andrea’s humble beginnings were founded on her Filipino culture, her Canadian upbringing, and the diverse communities she grew up with. 

Her FROM TIME Collection is a tribute to her past, and the new memories and stories that she writes today.

It Was Written

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Andrea moved to Vancouver and started sewing leather goods in her apartment.

She was featured as a Localist in Flare Magazine, and was a finalist in The Independent Handbag Designer Awards sponsored by InStyle Magazine.

Andrea only ever had one option amongst the hurdles that prolonged her dream: keep going to keep the dream alive.

Even back then, she always knew her fate as a designer was written in the cards. 

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A New Approach

In 2020, Andrea decided to approach her namesake brand differently.

Her first order of business was to breathe new life into her brand by rebranding it herself: new logos, new identity, new energy.

Her second order of business was to find help with manufacturing. 

Instead of sewing each and every item on her own, she spent 2020 researching and contacting factories and suppliers who would help make her FROM TIME Collection a reality.

Distance, language barriers, minimum orders, and costly samples were only a few of the challenges she faced.

It wasn't easy. 

But is it ever?

Craftsmanship and Materials

Andrea worked with the best craftspeople to create the items for this collection.

Her outerwear is made with quality wool by a heritage manufacturer in San Francisco, USA — an esteemed maker of fine goods.

Her accessories and leather goods were made by craftspeople in Italy who dye their own fabrics, source from own their leather tanneries, and take pride in manufacturing luxury fashion items.

Andrea's ongoing goal as a fashion brand and designer is to use the best materials and work with trustworthy, skilled craftspeople. Admittedly, it was quite the challenge to achieve this for her FROM TIME Collection.

But, she did it. 

And with that...we keep going.


Andrea uses her graphic design background to evoke stories of family and beginnings in her FROM TIME Collection.

The crossword embroidery (with words like TRUTH, ENERGY, LOVE) are inspired by a doodle created by the designer to convey her feelings about art, roots, family, and life.

The AP monogram is a symbol of affirmation that marks Andrea's place in the fashion world. (Does a fashion brand even exist without one?)

The iconic Santa Maria emblem are the faces of Santa and Maria — Maria is Andrea's mother, and Santa is her aunt (her mother's twin). Without their love, support, and arrival in Canada FROM TIME, Andrea's creative journey would never be possible.

Love, Andrea

This collection is for the cultural disruptors; the real ones; the creatives; the entrepreneurs; the visionaries; the ones who love life, family, friends, art, music, design, style; the community; the leaders, the lovers; the ones who think, speak, and act different; the ones who care; the ones who've supported me FROM TIME. 

I hope this overview gave you an honest peek into the grit, heart, and meaning behind my brand and my collection.

Thanks for believing in me.

We're just getting started.