Transcript of Sushi Fridays EP001: This podcast isn't about sushi

What is up everyone! Welcome, welcome to the very first episode of Sushi Fridays. I am your host, Andrea Pascual. I'm a fashion brand owner and designer. I'm also a brand slash graphic designer and in this very first episode I'll be sharing with you why I started this podcast to begin with and why it's called Sushi Fridays because I shared the name with a few people and that is the first question I get asked.

Okay, so I'm recording this very first episode from homebase and HQ which is Toronto, Canada. And the reason why I started Sushi Fridays The Podcast, is because I've been sleeping on this idea for three years, no joke, at least. And I said to myself, I have to do this. Like, why am I waiting on this, you know?

So I figured now, today, is the right time. Okay, not only that, I've been a creative entrepreneur my entire life. And... I feel like we need more conversation. I feel like we need an outlet and I also need an outlet so kind of self serving but I feel like we need to learn from each other. We need to talk about our experiences more especially as diverse creatives.

So not only do I want to share my struggles and my journey and my insights on the business of fashion, design, branding, etc. I also want to talk about inspo and culture and just straight up real talk. Because honestly, my thoughts can't keep up with my capacity to create content. So, you know what? I figured I want a new platform.

And I want to share my story on a platform where my content lives longer than a day or two and I'm looking at you Instagram. I also wanted another way to articulate my message. So this is where Sushi Fridays was born. 

Okay, now let's get into why this podcast is called Sushi Fridays. I'm gonna have to take you back to over 10 years ago, to the time where my now fiancé and I lived in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

And Vancouver, PS, has the most bomb sushi in Canada I've ever had. If you know any sushi spot that can test any Vancouver sushi, tell me. And we can battle it out. That's just a side note, but we lived in Vancouver for five years and it's the best sushi I've ever had in Canada. Okay, so there was a sushi spot like five minutes, not even five minutes, three minute walk from our place.

And that's where we would spend our Fridays. So we would have dinner there, we would wrap up our week there, we would talk that real talk, we would talk about fashion, business, design, music, culture, people, anything and everything, and we just called it Sushi Fridays because that was basically our ritual and routine.

And sometimes we would invite our friends, if we had family visiting, we would ask them to come through for Sushi Fridays. Back in Toronto now, we still call it Sushi Fridays, but we haven't found sushi up to par. So you know what, this podcast is going to be it. This podcast is Sushi Fridays, same kind of convos, now with you included.

You're part of the conversation too so welcome. Welcome. Okay, I do have a broad plan for this. However, I welcome your suggestions for episode ideas, hot topics, interviews, etc. You can DM me at @sushifridayspod on Instagram or you can email me at SushiFridaysPod (at) gmail (dot) com. I am super excited because I've never done anything like this before and I'm excited to see where this podcast that I've been sleeping on is gonna go.

If you are listening to this on the very first day that it dropped, it will also be my birthday and this is kind of me keeping myself accountable because life is short and if not now, when? Right? I think I said Sushi Fridays 20 times in this entire episode already. And I'm gonna say it again. Please subscribe to Sushi Fridays on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

I am your host, Andrea Pascual. Thank you for listening. I will talk to you again next Friday.

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